Every year for my birthday, I create a theme to set the tone for how I want to carry out the year. For my 35th birthday, Launched 35, I launched my professional Life Coaching business and landed a contract with a therapy organization. For my 36th birthday, Fading into Fall, I placed an extreme amount of focus on creating balance between home and work. Now it is that time again, and for the first time in a long time, I do not have a theme.

This year has been a very challenging, but much needed year. I made two career shifts in order to conquer a schedule that allows me to better manage by business, home, and myself. Covid-19 inserted itself in our lives causing us to re-evaluate our total existence. The how, the why, and the what changed for many. Overall, this year summoned me to make concrete decisions about how I processed “fear” and the things that are “unknown” to me. But with so much uncertainty about what the future holds, I have decided to continue pushing forward with what I know and have always known to be true for my life. I will continue to serve and aid in the progression of other women by using my experience and skillset to help them obtain positive life outcomes. In short, I will live fully as myself and continue to coach revolutionary women.

It is not always easy being a cheerleader to others when you are constantly being reminded of the daily death count, the wealth gap is increasing at an alarming rate, and our children’s lives and education is being compromised. With all of this, Americans have to decided on a president who will lead us in the best possible recovery plan for our country. This is all a bit too much for us grown folks, however my friends, this is where we are.

I developed a keen sense of “life” at such a young age. Growing up really fast, I was faced with a great amount of reality outside of my control. With this, I learned as a child that we will experience things that we have no control over, and if you are still living, you have sole responsibility on how you chose to “live forward”.

What I know to be true is that life does move forward. Both in time and age. So as I enter into year 37 with the knowledge that life can take many twist and turns, I am more optimistic and more open to the unknown that lies ahead of me. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes; “Life is what happens to you when you are making plans”, John Lennon. How we handle life is just as important as how we handle the things we have planned.

So Beauties, I will take the week to allow my theme for this year to resonate. I will also carry forward with plans I have set out for this year 37. More importantly, I will stay true to knowing whether executed or not, I am maintaining a life of good will and servitude to myself and others.

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