“Life Calls. Your Time, Your Light, You’ll Shine”

– Dorothy Payne-Polk


About Dorothy


I am simply passionate about women owning and expressing a femininity defined by their own measures.  With this, I am determined to create hope where barriers have been developed in the minds, hearts, and souls of women across the world. As Certified Life Coach specialized in “femininity coaching”, wife, mother, sister, and friend, I partner with women who are on a path to understanding their true essence while fostering revolutionary change towards their desired lifestyle.


Always being a woman after my own heart, I quickly learned the importance of standing in what was true for me. At a young age, I knew that failure was not an option. Always hungry for a better life than the poverty stricken environment I was born into, I focused on my energy on creating an environment where peace, love, and success reign.



After obtaining my degree in Psychology, I found myself on an ever journey road to personal and professional development. Working in the financial industry, I quickly realized my need to acquire a career where I could connect with people on a deeper level. To use what I had learned to help others. Shifting to a more interpersonal career choice, I transitioned into a Human Resource Consultant at with Northwestern University and later with the country’s number one rehabilitation hospital, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab.


Connecting with my community and peers, I begin to host trainings and workshops while becoming a Certified Coach Practitioner. Deciding to dedicate my life’s work towards women empowerment that promotes self development and optimum living. As a coach affiliate at Urban Balance, a therapy healthcare organization providing counseling services in the ChicagoLand area, I serve as the only Certified Life Coach. My practice, Dorothy Payne-Polk, LLC has touched hundreds of women. It has truly been where I hold the most joy in life with my ability to impact women of different cultures while devoting my time with creating a on-going campaign for the revolutionary woman.
































































































































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