I am

Dorothy Payne Polk


Certified Life Coach who helps people like you achieve the life they desire and deserve. I specialize in actionable advice and tangible solutions, tailoring my strategic life enhancement programs to each individual and their goals for success — be it in lifestyle, career, or both.


Everyone deserves a chance to win in life. I help you create your OWN wins.


I  believe that


A clear and compelling vision of one’s desired career or lifestyle is crucial for achieving it.

Everyone has unique talents and strengths that can be harnessed to achieve success in their chosen field.

Balancing work and personal life is essential for overall well-being and long-term success.

Your career should read as a narrative. YOU create the story and write the chapters.

Everyone has the potential to become a leader. Discovering how you want to lead is the challenge.

You do not want to live a life that is lacking genuine desire. Therefore, lean into to what makes you spark and chase it.

Life has a natural call. There is a unique rhythm inside of us that transpires a longing for self-balance and peace.

The journey of creating a better self is a lifetime commitment.


Work With Me 

When faced with perceived challenges, the decisions we make — and our ability to identify, rationalize, and find a path through — will determine whether our life is a success story or not. My coaching practices are designed to give you an effective toolbox for fulfilling your personal and professional achievements.



We all want to be the best versions of ourselves — but it’s easier said than done! Manage family responsibilities and work obligations, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, socializing, enjoying hobbies, and preserving good mental health can all be extremely challenging to juggle. Without the right tools, many of us feel unable to thrive and carve out the life we truly seek, what often follows is a cycle of stress and missed opportunities. Through my coaching programs, you’ll learn how to define and focus on your goals, without sacrificing your mental or physical health and wellbeing.



Do you struggle to navigate your way through an increasingly complex, fast-paced, and often stressful professional world? Or feel you are not tapping into your full potenital in the workplace? With decades of industry and executive-level experience, my career coaching services are designed to elevate you to the upper echelons of your professional game. My career coaching intensieve will help you enhance your professional experience and land the  career title you desire.

“I thought I was coming to Dorothy for career guidance and coaching. What I found is that I came to her for life coaching. Through her direct, intentional, thoughtful and thorough approach, I have quickly evolved into the higher me; the me I have wanted for so long. If you are looking for a professional, knowledgeable coach, choose Dorothy”. 

-Aisha Hurston

“I attended Dorothy Payne-Polk’s Video Vision Workshop over a year ago and it was an amazing experience. A group of women coming together to share their experiences, goals, and personal visions was very encouraging and inspiring. I was provided with tools to overcome many self-created obstacles and I left the workshop feeling optimistic about my future. The best part was that I was able to capture my personal vision, along with my goals and objectives on video. I can now reflect on my goals at any time and keep my focus on planning and execution. I can’t wait to see how my vision has evolved at the next workshop – Growth.”

-Ivy Wong

The Mastery Mindset Workshop was a huge success. Dorothy was inspiring, creative, honest, and fun! The workshop provided valuable insight for our company as we move forward. Thanks Dorothy. You are truly appreciated!” 

-Barb Smith (CEO/Founder at Find My Team)


Mastery Mindset Guide

Manifesting Forward Workbook

The Coaching Seat Group Game

Beautiful Payne Blog

Life is full of gems, wisdom, and magic. Every woman’s experience can contribute to another woman’s process. We as women have to be willing to share the knowledge that we acquire through our own experiences with other women who are in need of support. We live in a society where women are taught to give more than receive, allow through tremendous compromise, and conform rather than create. There is a trend to every woman’s life. Conquering self actualization is a continued process that is unique for every woman. Manifesting this desire can be a challenge.

Through BeautifulPayne blog, I want to share my personal journey of overcoming fear, societal objections, and generational challenges through providing transparent examples of my growth process in the areas of leadership, motherhood, being a wife, friend, sister, and an advocate of all things feminine. Transformation is necessary for growth. This blog will consist of the strategies that I adopted over time that allowed me to evolve into a woman of purpose, or more like a force to be reckoned with (wink).

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