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I am

Dorothy Payne-Polk

Inspiring personal evolution through coaching you on your journey of self-discovery. As a lover of all things feminine, I promote the relinquishing of societal stigmas and barriers that have been placed on women. Barriers that stricken women to ideologies that no longer fit into the molds of an emerging revolutionary woman. I aim to help women develop the confidence to value their space in the world by owning their own experiences and cultivating desires. A woman’s true feminine expression is having the courage to live on her terms. My coaching practice helps women manage the different facets of womanhood through the promotion of self-exploration, self-care, being authentic, being bold, and being all about YOU.


I  believe that

  • A woman is at her best when she has established a healthy practice of internal and external self-care.
  • One’s testament of peace equates to the ability to unapologetically profess the words “Yes” and “No”.
  • A woman in tune with her own essence can unlock the chains of another woman’s sufferance.
  • Self-care is more than aesthetics. It is the revolutionary way of letting the world know that YOU matter.
  • The journey of creating a better self is a lifetime commitment. Sign up if up can.
  • Self-care for women is a taught behavior or is often discovered from the lack thereof.
  • In a society that positions women to be the pillar of giving, let’s give.  Let us commit to giving enough to ourselves so we can share our magic with the world.
  • It is a woman’s movement…Enjoy!


Work With Me

As a Certified Life Coach, I help you reach your desired lifestyle goals. My services include individual coaching and group workshops.



I partner with my clients to formulate action driven objectives that adheres to manifesting desired outcomes. I offer step-by-step guidance, motivation, and solutions to helping women create and execute a lifestyle of fulfillment. My individual coaching consist of tangible materials and exercises to foster ideas and goals. These measures are partnered with easy steps -by-step instructional communication streams, making it easy and convenient for positive end results.



My group workshops are designed for larger settings to provide a strategic approach to creating processes for lifestyle change. The group members participate in supportive interaction where exercises are designed to evoke critical thinking and shared knowledge of life patterns, developing visions, and adapting healthy skills that support your life purpose. Each member will receive tangible tools such as a workbook and coaching prompts to help in navigating change.

“I thought I was coming to Dorothy for career guidance and coaching. What I found is that I came to her for life coaching. Through her direct, intentional, thoughtful and thorough approach, I have quickly evolved into the higher me; the me I have wanted for so long. If you are looking for a professional, knowledgeable coach, choose Dorothy”. 

-Aisha Hurston

“I attended Dorothy Payne-Polk’s Video Vision Workshop over a year ago and it was an amazing experience. A group of women coming together to share their experiences, goals, and personal visions was very encouraging and inspiring. I was provided with tools to overcome many self-created obstacles and I left the workshop feeling optimistic about my future. The best part was that I was able to capture my personal vision, along with my goals and objectives on video. I can now reflect on my goals at any time and keep my focus on planning and execution. I can’t wait to see how my vision has evolved at the next workshop – Growth.”

-Ivy Wong

The Mastery Mindset Workshop was a huge success.  Dorothy was inspiring, creative, honest, and fun! The workshop provided valuable insight for our company as we move forward.  Thanks Dorothy. You are truly appreciated!” 

-Barb Smith (CEO/Founder at Find My Team)


Mastery Mindset Guide

Manifesting Forward Workbook

The Coaching Seat Group Game

Beautiful Payne Blog

Life is full of gems, wisdom, and magic. Every woman’s experience can contribute to another woman’s process. We as women have to be willing to share the knowledge that we acquire through our own experiences with other women who are in need of support. We live in a society where women are taught to give more than receive, allow through tremendous compromise, and conform rather than create. There is a trend to every woman’s life. Conquering self actualization is a continued process that is unique for every woman. Manifesting this desire can be a challenge.

Through BeautifulPayne blog, I want to share my personal journey of overcoming fear, societal objections, and generational challenges through providing transparent examples of my growth process in the areas of leadership, motherhood, being a wife, friend, sister, and an advocate of all things feminine. Transformation is necessary for growth. This blog will consist of the strategies that I adopted over time that allowed me to evolve into a woman of purpose, or more like a force to be reckoned with (wink).

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