In a world of constant announcements, frequent news updates, and trendy shares, it is easy for one to experience sensory overload. There is so much content to navigate through; some can be very enticing, while some consist of high toxicity levels. Now imagine carrying out your job duties daily, running a business, managing a household of little people, and maintaining loving and healthy relationships. With all of this, how can one stay in tune and move to their authentic rhythm to drive growth?

Creating balance is a vital component when trying to execute a goal. My clients are more often relieved to know that before we begin working on enhancing life or acquiring any new objectives, one of the first things we establish is a healthy inner and outer foundation. This includes the utilization of energy work, eliminating physical and emotional baggage, and creating routines to help foster results.

Here are three simple questions to can ask yourself before you embark a new goal.

  1. What is fueling my desire to bring forth this goal
  2. What current sacrifices will I need to make in my life in order to see this goal come to fruition?
  3. What am I unwilling to compromise within myself to help this goal come to the past.

Pausing before moving forth with a vision can be vital to having a positive outcome. Not only can this action help you align your values and creating space for self-reflection, but it can also help you build momentum for any resistance that may come your way. The next time you begin to feel inspired and feel that spark of energy to create change, PAUSE, and slow down to help you cultivate the space needed to invite this change into your life.

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