“Life is unpredictable, it changes with the seasons. Even your coldest winter, happens for the best of reason. And though it feels eternal, like all you’ll ever do is freeze, I promise spring is coming, and with it brand new leaves”. -EH

I often encourage my clients to become familiar with their life rhythm. This is a constant flow of how your life rhythmically unfolds throughout the days, weeks, seasons, and years. What patterns do you experience in your life? Do you ever find yourself with certain feelings and in particular spaces as the seasons change? At what time of day do you reach your peak? Some people relate spring as being a time to experience new births and beginnings. Winter is known as a time of hibernation or allowing space for reflection and stillness. The goal is to always follow the flow of these times as they mirror the flow of your life.

Fall is my season for preparation and maturating major change. I begin to have more symbolic dreams and reflect on life in its totality. It is as if I gain a keen awareness that things will no longer be exactly the same, or that life will no longer look or feel the same as the year prior. It took me years to acknowledge and accept this flow. Sometimes the premonition of change is scary, especially when you are not aware of the outcome. But other times, the vision is welcomed as it calls for new and more exciting times to come. I have grown to strongly trust my life’s rhythm as an oath in truly trusting myself.

This fall brought me to a place of uncertainty. I confided in a friend about my feelings of vulnerability and fear. There was this underlining knowing that I felt in my gut that some internal spiritual work would take place. Soul work, is what I called it. A major gutting out process, as I began to release a lot of things and baggage to make room for new space and opportunities. New relationships, ventures, and attractions. It literally began to feel like I was mourning a death. And because I am aware of my seasons and the changes it brings, I honored the flow and began to act on the knowing that was bestowed upon me. I surrendered and prepared. I completed a 30 day detox of flushing toxins out of body, particularly my womb. Sidenote: A woman’s womb typically symbolized by the CAVE, and it is the sum total of all possibilities, all potentials; it is fertility and abundance. I also completed a master class for the soul, daily meditation, writing soul notes, and undergoing multiple ritual baths. All of these actions, along with several divine interventions, outlined my intentions to give reverence to the call of God and the universal changes to come.

I feel so much lighter. Although I am still in the process of maturation, I have been experiencing more soulful connections in my practice, in my home, and with love ones. I am also at the peak of a major project and have attracted a key player who will be critical in a desired execution. Finally, I negotiated a contract with my private practice that almost doubled my income. Major shifts, right???

I am coming home. Now, the changes do not always feel rewarding. I have also had to finalize a few relationships in this gutting process. People who were near and very, very dear to me. For me, these are the things that hurt the most. But, what I know for sure is, the rhythm is constant and my goal is vibrate lighter and higher. My desire is to vibrate at a rate of my natural existence which requires a homing in on ones true self. A self that has always been there and has never waiver from its true existence. My internal truth. My most gracious self. My eternal self…LOVE. For this the is reason seasons change, and why I accept the call that never changed.

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