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The secret to my approach is listening to my client’s inner woman. We are all aspiring as women to show up in the world defined and projecting who were are. My goal is to help you project brighter in any area desired. Whether it is through one-on-one coaching or through my group workshops, my services provide a platform to transpire a life well lived.


My interactive workshops are designed to provide tangible tools for women with a desire to express the true essences of themselves by living an authentic life. They consists of creative instructions that are delivered in a supportive environment where women can develop skills used to promote higher living. These workshops range from vision building, self-care essentials, finding your voice, lifestyle shaping, and a multitude of other trainings.

Each workshop is designed with course materials that requires self reflection, empowerment, strategic planning, and accountability. All participants will leave with a personalized toolkits to reference their experience and to use for future endeavours.


  • Promotes self actualization
  • Innovative Materials/Toolkits
  • Supportive Environment of Shared Experiences
  • Clear Objectives with Tangible Teaching
  • Strengthens Self Love
  • Instrumental for Relationship Building

“The Video Vision workshop was a fun and invaluable visualization tool. My mind responds to visual stimulation. Watching myself recite my aspirations gave me that extra push and motivation to complete my goals. 2 words to describe the Video Vision: Excellent and Effective”.

-Monique Burkes

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