As a Life Coach, one of my main areas of service is coaching my clients through change. Sometime this process is a smooth transition, and other times, this experience is similar to counting grains of salt. Change can be a difficult process for anyone. We develop norms by following routines and acting out life behaviors that creates comfort and ease in our daily walks. But, what happens when the behaviors we use to navigate life are not providing the results we desire?

In my experience, I have had to navigate change quite often. Growing up and having six siblings in my household created a space for constant change and inconsistent living. Being a mother of two teen children forces me to reside in a state of spontaneous daily living. Heck, entrepreneurship itself creates new obstacles moment by moment. Change is inevitable.

Pushing through limited beliefs and constructing new norms are two ways to help ignite change in your life. Creating a vision and fully outlining your desired end goal are also ways to spark momentum for going after the things you want in life. Below, I have outline fours ways to jump start your path to cultivating change.

Acknowledge: Define what behaviors act as roadblocks to generating the change you desire. These barriers can transpire in the form of self sabotaging behaviors, redirecting your action because of fear, or simply procrastinating to avoid outcomes. Acknowledging the things or people that hold you back from cultivating the lifestyle you desire is pertinent to the process of cultivating change.

Acceptance: Once you have identified your barriers, accepting and taking full ownership of these behaviors are important in order to move forward. It allows you to have power over what restricts you or the things that hold you back. My goal is to help my clients understand that they possess the power to change the things that do not support their development.

Reflect: Once you have acknowledged and accepted what does not work, it is important that you now identify what things that are beneficial in aiding your progress. What behaviors in your past has brought you tremendous joy and cultivated a sense of accomplishment? How would you identify yourself when you are operating in full capacity with life? What behaviors would you like to adapt to enforce the change you desire?

Transform: Now it is time to activate. Once you have gone through the process of identify barriers, accepting what does not serve you in life, reflecting on the change you would like to accomplishment; you are in a great position to step out and pursue your goals. Whether you decide to take baby steps, or sprint into action is totally up to you. The goal is to make it to the end where your vision becomes a reality.

Cultivating change is not an easy process. In actuality, change will happen in life because times are ever evolving. It is your responsibility to determine your relationship with change. But, it is my responsibility as your coach to help you through out your process and obtain the best results.

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