I have been fortunate throughout my life to have worked with some great leaders. Leaders who have helped me on my journey while enhancing my career, personal life, and spiritual path. Some of these relationships where developed organically, while some where intentional on my part. These leaders presented in the forms of bosses, friends, people I idolized from afar, and even mentors. One quality that seems consistent amongst all of my relationships with the leaders I have come across, is their desire to help others become good and effective leaders.

Whether through motivation or creating an opportunity, a true leader understands the karmic rhythm of passing it forward. What you put out into the universe, you will receive in return. Helping others on their journeys can provide an instant euphoria, as well as, an unexpected future opportunity. Whether one believes a person is born a leader or a leader is developed over time; there are certainly concrete qualities needed when establishing yourself as a leader.

1. Express devotion to your work and your team – A true leader expresses a level of devotion for the work they administer. As an individual contributor or through team effort, a leader should always back their work with passion and diligence. It is vital as a leader to ensure that your work embodies your values.

2. Become a great student. It does not serve anyone to know it all – Although mastering something that you have set out to accomplish is rewarding; a great amount of pleasure can also be found in ones ability to stay curious. People are interested in not just the success itself, but more so, the process of becoming successful. Allow each and every experience on your journey in your quest to become a leader.

3. Develop others in their attempts to elevate – Leaders create more leaders. Your ability to duplicate what you have learned on your journey and share it with someone else is vital when establishing yourself as someone who leads. Who have you poured into? Is there someone in your circle who can benefit from the knowledge you possess? If so, share it willingly.

4. Get comfortable with being the small fish in the room – Surround yourself around leaders who can inspire and impact your growth. Networking with leaders you admire is one of the most effective ways to maturate your own ability to lead. Having real life examples of who you would like to become makes for a great manifestation point.

5. Take risks and lean into challenges – Trying to define yourself as leader can be a scary process. Whether you decide to take center stage or work behind the scenes, a leader is one who decides to push beyond their fears in order to produce an effective outcome. A leader merges in spaces where barriers are presented. Whether comfortable or not, a leader understands that the reward is never given to the one who did not have the courage to try.

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