Am I the only person who feels as if I am living out the last of my days? It is as if, Mother Earth has gotten tired of our dealings and has issued a worldwide force of correction. Waking up to the dismay of our community, the uncertainly our my health, and feeling called to petition change; has left me feeling scared and powerful at the same time.

I have received messages and calls from clients, family, and friends who are experiencing this present time. Are you well, Dorothy? Have you seen the pictures? Do you have time for a session today? It was definitely crazy to even witness messages that came through enforcing businesses as usual. Some colleagues who conversed over email as if the day was normal. But what I know for sure is, no one had the perfect answer and no one could reset our lives and prepare us for the times to come.

My vice often is through conversation. I have a select few of people who are my immediate contacts when life is upside down. These are the people who I know will allow me to express myself without judgment, and offer recourse if needed. I am grateful to God for these people, as my emotions were validated and alternative insight was given. Throughout all of my conversations, there were five consistent themes that were shared.

Allow Yourself to Feel– It is important that you acknowledge what emotions that arise during this time. I believe is would be neglectful to yourself if you overlooked the current climate that is surrounding our world. In order to fully create solutions and bring about resolve, we must allow ourselves to move through these emotions. In other words; feel. This could be done by clearly stating out loud what emotion you feel, and then allowing yourself one minute to breathe and be with your feelings. It is often helpful to repeat this act.

Take the Time Needed– If this climate does not allow you to give of yourself to others; DO NOT GIVE. It difficult for people to stop their daily production and choose to do nothing. I have become appreciative of times when I can pause. Way too often, I would neglect my feelings and push through life to the point of exhaustion. If this speaks to you, try to encourage yourself to handle this time in a different manner. Take a mental health day off from work. Place your phone on do not disturb. For those who run a household where others rely on your daily support, encourage a collectiveness of stillness by granted everyone the opportunity to do nothing until your soul, yourself, is rested.

Offer Compassion/Avoid Judgement– This is one of the hardest things to do when not only ourselves, but the world is seeking a solution. It is extremely easy to hold our opinions as the final conclusion to all matters. But in reality, we are all experiencing a “conscious eruption”, and we are all experiencing this on different levels. Offer compassions to the people around you who may not see it as you do. Avoid judgement towards your peers who may not handle things similar to you.

Ask for Support– As the days continue, more resources are becoming available to assist with coping during this time. Because we are experiencing such a unique moment in history, battling a pandemic and protesting for systematic change, it may be difficult to pinpoint the type of support we need. Online forums, tele therapy, health and nutrition guides are being thrown at us daily. If you know you need support and do not know where to begin, choose something without worrying about the end product. Often times, we need to feel secure by actively picking something for our lives and simply carrying that thing out.

Lend a Helping Hand– I am grateful this is a nationwide fight. Th African Americans plight is difficult for one person to handle. If you are able to offer support during this time, connect with resonates in your heart. Whether you are called to donate, protest, take care of the people in your community, or take care of you; feel free in doing so. As I told my daughter, “History is being mad. Remember to create your story within the story”.

Now, there are probably numerous ways to help yourself during this time. Do what is best for you, and what you can live with. We are all doing our best. I do want to offer the encouraging words of this too shall past. Be well and be safe.

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