When I reflect on what a revolutionary woman represents, I think of a woman who is not bound by traditional stereotypes. The revolutionary woman defines herself on her own terms. Whether she desires to marry, bare children, stay at home, prefers the opposite, or none of the above; her power reigns in having full authority to choose for herself. In a society that position women to be the pillar of giving, revolutionary women ensure they have enough love and power for themselves in order to be effective givers to others.

I have always had a deeper understanding of what it means to own myself. Being the second child of seven children and making decisions at a very young age regarding my livelihood, taught me the importance of keeping enough for myself. When taking a risk with minimum support and making decisions with little guidance, life can teach an irreplaceable lesson of bravery and self-advocacy. And in my process of defining my womanhood, I have learned that my journey of freely being me, for me, began when I accepted my own story comfortably and choosing to narrate it unapologetically.

As a life coach who specializes in femininity coaching, one of my main angle is to help women connect their inner being to their desired goal. My practices creates a space for strengthening self awareness while reducing limited beliefs when not feeling capable of obtaining a goal. My clients needs can range from how to better manage their home and the office, creating vision and developing a strategic plan, redefining relationships, or simply defining themselves in their womanhood. Although the need may vary from client to client, these women have decided to be in a vulnerability partnership with me, while trusting they will end up on the other side of their goal. It takes a brave woman to seek help in the space of not knowing, but it takes a level of braveness to go after what the soul knows is true for you.

My passion meets women in their quests to make their dreams a reality. As for me, I am my sister’s keeper and I am a firm believer of honoring all processes. “And, when you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. It is truly the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting“, (Paulo Coelho). All things do not come easy. But if worked, evaluated, refined, and worked again, any vision can become reality. I wholeheartedly know this as truth for not only women, but for all who accepts their call of action.

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