This year, like every year, I envision me working diligently in my own garden. A garden filled with beautiful blooms and with edibles I can use while preparing food for my kitchen table. This has always been a vision of mine that first came to me in a spiritual dream I had 10 years ago. I noted this being a spiritual dream because I was compelled to write it down and share it with my Spiritual Mother. Letting her know about the vision I had of me tending to something so beautiful and real brought forth feelings in both of us that confirmed our connection, but more importantly, it confirmed for me that my time on this earth is to produce beautiful fruits.

I believe God the Universe provides these visions to help nurture the paths we are on in discovering our true selves. We are provided a dose of what it “could be” before we get there. This dose of possibility may come to you when you are able to find stillness after a long day, or in the morning when you awake and your mind is clear of yesterday. But for me, spiritual dreams come when I am in alignment with the Universe and I am resting. With Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the world and our state being on lockdown, rest is my best friend and these spiritual dreams flood my nights often.

For some reason, this garden dream resonated strongly within me this year. Stepping out of my door and looking at my own yard, I noticed tons of weeds and possibilities. We have been in our home for 3 years and I had not placed a finger tip in this yard. But this year was different. I wanted to begin making this dream a reality. Planting myself, my spirit, and using my labor to develop on my own land. In our current world of crazy, the land that surrounds my home seemed more important than ever before. Maybe it is because we all are seeking normalcy in all of the madness and uncertainty. Or maybe due to spending these days at home and becoming accustomed to a slower pace of living, I realized my yard needs some tender, love, and care. Either way, I committed to the process of producing a yard that resembled the dream I had ten years prior.

I started my researched to better understand the process of gardening. In my coaching practice, clients committing to the process is always the hardest part. Having a vision, is just that. It’s a vision. But starting, weathering the process until execution is another beast. What I know for sure is building this garden and adhering to the process will be transformational. Not only will I grow a garden, but I am prepared for my soul to expand in the process. Preparing my land, planting the seeds on fertile soil, tending and nurturing to produce the fruit, gradually watching it grow at its own pace, and reaping the outcome of a beautiful bloom or an edible delight. This is my true heart. Taking something extremely small and of pure intent, and through love, troubleshooting, perseverance, and believing in it until I am able to watch at a glance the legacy of the thing itself. This is me wholeheartedly. I have these same sentiments for my family- seeing and envisioning a family that consist of beautiful, whole, and healthy members.

Now, I do not know what next spring will bring, but this year is already accounted for. Whether more weeds come back, or all things blossom effortlessly as the seasons change, I am taking the first step this year on a forever process of cultivating my home.

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