“Peace brings with it so many positive emotions that it is worth aiming for in all circumstances.” —Estella Eliot

The Corona Virus, or “Invisible Enemy” has stricken our world, stealing lives and disrupting the comforts for us all. Over 1.49 million infections are confirmed in at least 184 countries and territories, including reports of Covid-19 taking lives while frightening our nation. What a way to welcome spring. This is the time of year where we begin to ease our grip on the day-to-day and enjoy the essence of spring’s visual blooms. But our current world has been disrupted and is challenging us a people to find ways to connect without the simple pleasures of touch. One thing is for sure, the feelings of uncertainty is a shared experience for us all. Regardless of class or race, this pandemic has left human beings feeling vulnerable and desperately awaiting resolve. 

As a mother and wife who is responsible for setting the feminine energy in my home, my first reaction was of mere panic. How do I protect my family and my home from this epidemic? What does this mean for my kids, summer plans, and finances? If you are like many, your everyday actions are geared toward a particular outcome. What you put into your families, careers, and in others is usually a representation of what you have chosen as your mission in life. Now it would be ideal if this mission could be carried out with minimum interruptions, but this disturbance threatens pretty much every aspect of life. 

How will we get through this?

Quieting the Noise: The current external and internal noise can be overwhelming. Allow yourself some space between what is happening and what you feel need to be done. Determine what is within your control and be at peace with the things you have no control over. Reduce the constant updates by turning off the news reports, and eliminate the various opinions and rapid updates. Limit the conversation within yourself and with others. Although it can feel safe to be in the constant know of what is happening in our world, your mental and emotional sanity is of more importance.

Once you have created your personal calm, choose your agent to maximize this presence. For me, I meditate. Every morning when I open my eyes, I give a gentle THANK YOU to God the Universe and acknowledge that I have been graciously chosen to see another day. Regardless of the stress, burdens, or things unseen…I am still here. I grab a glass of water and drink it in its entirety before sitting in my prayer room. This place has been prepped with my choice of spiritual tones and music, candles with smells used to usher me into a deeper calm, and privacy to alleviate interruption. Meditation allows me to connect with my Creator and grants me the ability to hear beneath the surface.  Regulating my breathing and slowing down my thoughts helps me to become more conscious of my body’s natural rhythm. My natural rhythm is a peaceful vibration, grounded in solidarity and oneness with my Creator. 

Establishing a Way of Being: While releasing doubt and fear, declare your stance on how this will affect you. Claim your stake. Do not allow yourself to waiver,  and profess that you will remain whole. Most importantly, you will be okay. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”—Martin Luther King, Jr.

My husband and I came together to establish our family plan. Deciding that we would do our part to keep our world safe by practicing social distancing and creating a daily schedule for ourselves and our children. What are some things we have not had time to implement or carried out due to living such busy lives? How can we extend help to others in need? These are some of the many questions we have asked ourselves while setting the course for the next 30 days. We donated to charity, worked in the yard, cooked for extended family members who are essential workers and dropped off food at their doorsteps. I caught up with friends and family that I had not talk to in years. I even made amends to a broken relationship. We have game night every night that includes  daring our kids to run out on the porch and stand in the rain. Overall, we are defining our joy in the mist of uncertainty. 

Although social distancing and staying home is the answer for now, we must understand that “home” is not the safest solution for all. Please keep these homes and the people who reside in them in our prayers. And if you are blessed to come out of this time with minimum trauma, let us offer a helping heart and hand to those who are not so fortunate. LET US NOT FORGET THEM. For we are all flesh and blood collectively experiencing life, in love, on this earth…together.

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