The sessions begins with imagery exercises that allows you to expand your thinking and vision without limitations. Every good thing begins with a thought. Having the courage to activate your thoughts is usually followed with a confession through your mouth. You have to hear yourself believe before you can witness yourself being brave. We then move through physical exercises to to help the women identify where their vision reside in the form of energy within their bodies. 

What one would witness during these sessions is how the women being courageous, women being vulnerable, women sharing stories of triumph and despair. But most importantly, you will experience women supporting women in their efforts to become creators of their very own destinies.  During the workshop, we journeyed on a path to create personal visions for the year, while discussing how fear and anxiety can be vacillating when executing a goal. Our sharing of stories with the use of memorable examples of previous manifestations, proved that dreams and ideas, if given the proper ammunition, can become our reality. I wholeheartedly believe when women gather with the intent to support and uplift one another, great things are produced. I am excited that you are amongst my tribe. A tribe of women who have a the ability to go after the desires of their hearts and find a way to motivate others throughout the process.  

I value the participation and the courageous display of vulnerability shared in every woman’s story. I value the energy within the room full of women who have a desire to excel. It creates a symphonic vibration destined to create good change. 




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